Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I Doubt It, Irene Riot

A picture I painted is hanging in the gallery. People I know congratulate me but tell me the colors are too bright and the scene is too big. I know. Being the artist, I just painted what I have seen.

There's a map of my life and people are tracking it. They marvel at how far I've come but tell me I took the long way and had too many stop overs. I could have had an easier trip if I took the shortcuts. I know. Being the traveler, I had to stop and rest. The short cuts had too many road blocks and weren't worth the passage.

I took a detour through the rose bushes. I got scratched by the thorns but the beauty of the roses made it all worth while. That's still better than getting stuck in the briar patch.

People tell me how I can paint a better picture based on what they have seen. They show me shortcuts they've taken but may not always be right for me. They give me recipes....knowing that I can't cook.

My paintings could be better. My trip doesn't have to be so long and I am learning how to cook. I hear what everyone is saying. I know your orders, please don't get upset if I don't serve you right away. I have demands of my own. When I get done with those, I will serve you next...

I wonder if anyone really cared to know what I was trying to paint or where I'm really going.... I wonder if anyone wants to know the orders that have come before theirs....I wonder if there's really anyone out there who can be patient enough to teach me how to cook....hahaha. I doubt it.

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