Monday, April 23, 2012

Teljoy: flash fiction by Martin Lochner

Like Jazz, poverty improvises.ML

In 1987 I recall that father got a promotion and we were all happy.

Father still not earning enough money hired a black and white tv from Teljoy.

He entered the house like a victorious roman emperor on a rainy day in May.

Not having extra cash around mother fried some potato skins and four boys huddled around the box watching Heidi.

I loved that animation and colored the alps,Peter and old grand pops with my imagination.

Like Gaguin I learned that the palette of my dreams were always going to be brighter then my circumstantial reality.

The next month Father took a heavy blow and got retrenched.

I returned back to my old habit of watching my shows through the window of my neighbor.

It was a color tv but the colors were not so great as the old black and white.

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