Monday, October 29, 2012

The Two Suited Men by Matt Thomas

As two teenage boys sat on the front porch of a house, a car with tinted windows pulls up. The doors open, and two men in black suits get out and start walking towards them.

The boy on the left looked at the other boy, wondering what these two men wanted. As they came closer both boys looked at each other, they take a slight gulp of air and sigh nervously.

The two men reach the house, they are both wearing black shades, even though the sky’s dull and cloudy; the air is close and thick. They stop by the steps of the porch and in synchronisation both take off their sunglasses.
The man on the left seemed to be slightly older, shorter and a little bit more worn than the other, but except from this they almost looked identical.
The slightly older man spoke first.

   ‘Which one of you is Harry?’ He asked, glancing between the two boys looking for signs of weakness. One of the boys stood. He had dark brown hair, was very tall and slim, yet thought he was tough and strong.

‘Who’s asking?’ He demanded as the other, blonde haired boy, sat, watched and wondered.

‘I’ll take it you’re Harry then, shall I?’ The younger man said, stepping forward onto the first porch step. As soon as he did so the brown haired teenager took a nervous step backwards. Making him trip and almost stumbled back into his wicker chair.

The other boy, who had been quietly watching, gulped and took a step forward and out of his chair. He headed towards the suited men and placed out his hand.

‘Harry Foster,’ he announced with his clammy palm out-reached ‘How can I help you?’

Both men looked down at the feeble peace offering and sneered, rejecting all gratitude. Harry awkwardly dropped his hand back down to his side, then changed his mind and placed both his hands in the pockets of his brown leather jacket.

‘We need to talk to you alone.’ The older man demanded and looked across at Harry’s brown haired friend as he stumbled towards the group and interrupted.

‘Nobody talks to Harry without me.’ He paused. ‘I mean we don’t even know who you are.’ He looks at Harry for support. Then back at the two men. The younger, suited man looked angry and was about to take another step forward but the older man held him back. Harry then interrupted.

‘I’m sorry guys, but my friend here is right. My mum would go mental if she found out I was talking to strangers.’

Both black suited men looked at him simultaneously. The older man cleared his throat and spoke.

‘I’m DCI Mills and this is my partner DI Jones. We have come to ask you a few questions.’

Harry’s friend looked out the two officers, wary of what they were saying.
‘If you are officers, shouldn’t you be wearing uniforms?’ He questioned them. Both harry and his friend looked at each other, Harry nodded and looked back.

‘Patrick’s right’ He grinned. ‘Surely you would show us your badges from the start.’

The two men looked at each other and sighed. They both instantaneously reached into apposing pockets, which were inside their black jackets.
‘We didn’t want to do this.’ The younger man said and, in sync, both men pulled out revolvers and pointed them at the two boys.

Both boys stepped back in shock, raised their sweaty arms slightly, wishing they had never questioned the two suited men as much. They both looked at each other in terror. Patrick was about to open his mouth to question the men again but Harry glared at him. Patrick instantly closed his mouth again.

‘Get in the car.’ The older man ordered. ‘We have something to show you.’
Both of the boys unwillingly walked to the car whilst the men pressed the barrels of their guns into the back of the teenagers’ neck. He boys opened the doors of the car and climbed in.

The doors slammed behind them and the men got into the front. The younger man pointed his gun at the two boys as the older man started the car.

‘You should have just co-operated from the start.’ He said they set off to their unknown destination.

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