Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Can You Guess Why? by Suzanne Azzarella

While on a trip to San Francisco, when I was 20 – my friend Glynis and I were allowed to go into a hot night club, even though we weren’t 21. We knew the DJ (who had trained me when I was 18). It was like being in ‘adult Disneyland’. There was this really handsome guy that we wanted to dance with. It was obvious that he KNEW he was hot. He seemed pretty ‘taken with himself’, as he watched himself dance in front of the mirrored walls…so, it was more like a ‘dare’ to see if we could get him to dance with us. We finally caught his eye, and got our dances. But just as he finished his dance with Glyn…his eye wandered to one of the most beautiful Asian girls we’d ever seen…Mr. Wonderful was smitten, and we were awestruck. She was drop-dead gorgeous! We sulked up to the DJ booth and told Alan. He laughed and said…”Don’t worry – everyone in this place knows her. Eventually he’ll come back and dance with you. But, you don’t want him anyway. He’s a jerk - leave him to his karma.” We were having fun and soon forgot about him…until the club closed. As the patrons were walking to their cars, we noticed they all slowed down and watched a fabulous couple kissing against a Porsche. All of a sudden, they came apart and Mr. Wonderful swung at the lithe girl…who nimbly skipped away, taunting him. Everyone stopped and laughed – and then we noticed ‘the look’ on his face – “OMG, What was I thinking?" Can you guess why?

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