Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Random Guy by Susan Kerby

It was past midnight when my phone rang. I was almost asleep. The caller id said random guy.. I rolled over and grabbed my phone and stumbled in the dark for my sweat pants and slippers. I get no reception in my basement lair.
Hello…hang on…I'm running up the stairs…hello…hey! You there
Hey…what are you doing?
I was just about asleep.
Why wassup?
Nothing…just seeing what you were up to.
These calls were becoming more and more regular.
What are you doing?
Nothing…just got home. Getting into bed.
Do you want company?
If you want, ok…just lock the door behind you when you get here.
K. See you in drive time.
This was night five in a row.
I ran back downstairs and threw on some decent sweats and grabbed my coat and hat and out the door I went.
I called David on the way. I knew he’d be awake. He’s always awake.
Five nights in a row. I am on my way to Oakland…
Of course you are.
I can’t help it! You know how I feel about him!
I do. Be safe love.

I pushed opened the door and quietly closed and locked it behind me. I could hear the tv on upstairs. I would bet he was asleep…even in the ten or so minutes it took me to get to him.

Slowly and with a certain rhythm, I was now used to, I opened the bedroom door. Sure enough, he was face down in the pillows, snoring quietly.

I got undressed and crawled in bed next to him. I pressed my whole body against him and he turned to me. So slowly and sweetly. Opening his eyes and smiling up at me. Even in the darkness with only the glare from the television as light, his eyes bore through me. The brightest blue. Ever. He kissed me on the mouth. A full kiss. Wrapping me in him as he did and moaning. His arms wrapped completely around me. He smelled like cigarettes. And beer and Bailey’s Irish Cream! He was delicious. The combo of the beer and Bailey’s was so musky on him, though not a combo I would ever understand.

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