Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Struggle by Rande Thompson

I can't believe I'm posting this, but they say you are as sick as your secrets and in growth process you should purge the good as well as the bad. I met a spitfire sassy woman named Rosemary when I went to look at her apt. As I was coming down the stairs to see the bedroom she says " You are a very beautiful girl with a sparkling delightful personality. You have to lose 50 lbs, it's a disgrace. I told her since my separation I have been emotionally eating. You said no excuse. If you were ugly my dear it wouldn't matter but you are a beautiful and need to do this. I would love to be her muse. I was blessed to meet her. She spoke from the heart and that is rare in 7 1/2 minutes of meeting someone. In driving away I felt empowered to have a stranger see my good qualities as I often struggle to see them myself. But soon that wore off and I felt bad that I let my situation take over and I felt the need to have my inside match my outside instead of the other way around. Above all I believe in honesty and the power of the truth. That being said, that above all is why I am letting you share my truth when if not for this experience today I would still keep it a secret as only my closest friends and family have seen my recently. As for the rest of you, until today it was my dirty little secret.

Rande Joy 6/25/11

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