Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A Day At The Beach by Gary L Robinson

They walked the shoreline hand in hand as any lovers would, though they were not lovers but just the best of friends. A salty breeze whipped through her hair and it seemed to be playing a game of ‘hide and go seek’ with her beautiful face. Lynn and Noni had been the best of friends for close to six months, at times tied at the hip like Siamese twins. From the first couple days of they spent together, they realized they had more in common than any other of their friends or past loves. However shortly after, it seemed that their friendship was to never manifest. This was going to be a day they would remember for a life time in more ways than one.
Lynn in his early forties sported a greying goatee and short hair. He had eyes that Noni had once described as “pools of blue that pierce the soul”. Lynn had a modest job and wrote poetry for a hobby. With his children grown, he had a lot of time to himself to expand his passion for writing. Noni was a beautiful intelligent woman in her late thirties had emerald green eyes with specks of brown. She had long brunette hair this time of year; she wore it blonde during the summer. Just as the seasons changed the landscape’s colors, she dyed her hair to match its change. Noni loved to visit the gym after work to rid herself of the rigors of supervising a crew of warehouse men and sweat off the leers of her perverted boss. She also loved to write but instead of poetry her genre of choice was romance novels. Writing was one of many passions they shared, but ultimately the one that sparked the friendship.
Lynn couldn’t believe how beautiful she was, the look in her eyes and her laughter when he told her his corny jokes. Her outward beauty was a reflection of the beautiful spirit she held within her.

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