Tuesday, April 10, 2012

"If Only It Was A Dream" by Gary L Robinson

One more page from "If Only It Was A Dream". A poem of being hurt in a relationship and the reluctance to start anew!
I Can Feel The Fear

I can feel the fear,

And the backing away.
Fear of the uncertain,
And what could be.

The fear so horrid,

And a lonely thing.
I can feel your fear,
You’re backing away!

Your fear a blockade,

And a helpless way.
I know your fears,
You’ve backed away!

Giving into the fear?

“Because I’m afraid!” (she sighed)
Afraid of what dear?”
“Giving in…..!!!” (she cried)

Dating these days can be as rough as getting divorced. It is difficult to find that right person after such a traumatic experience. Unfortunately, though we try our best to keep it suppressed, we carry baggage on to the next prospect. Some have been hurt to the point that high walls are built to protect feelings. They will build walls so high, “The One” may be passed over for the fear of the unknown. Sadly, it happens too many times. A nice guy labeled as just a smooth talker and mistrusted while the bad boy isn’t given any feeling nor does he expect any.


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