Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Florida Triangle- Not a Horror Story By Dale Garman

I had pause to think the other day about what it means to be a true friend. 

When I was living in Sanford, FL, working at Seminole Community College, I was friends with a co-worker, Edna Bottoms.   Edna knew of some hardships I was going through.  Then, one night when I was really depressed, I called Edna (who lived in Lakeland, FL).   During the conversation, Edna immediately picked up on the fact that I was homesick.  But, being without a car at the time, there was nothing I could do about it.

Well, Edna proposed to drive me from Sanford to Brooksville, FL, where my family lived.  I really didn’t want her to make all of these trips and go out of her way, but she insisted.  So, after hanging up, I waited for Edna to arrive.  

She drove me to Brooksville (and this was about 11:00 pm at night).   We talked quite a bit during the hour-long (+) drive to Brooksville.  When we arrived, Edna met my parents, Mildred and Kenneth.  We sat for about an hour and had great conversation.  My parents fell in love with Edna.

Then, she finally left Brooksville, FL to make the hour-long trip from Brooksville to her home in Lakeland on her own.

I will never forget the talks we had, and, the great favor that she did for me that night.  In her gesture, she did this:

1.       She made a 3-hour (+) drive to help a friend.
2.       She touched the lives of 3 people – me, my Mother, and my Father.
3.       She showed me how the love of a friend is complete.

Edna made a triangle for me.

Thanks, Edna – love you.


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