Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Lady Who Dances into the Golden Sunset by Dale Garman

I live in a small town in Northern Kentucky. At this time, with no vehicle to my name, I walk everywhere I need to go. In some respects, luckily God placed me in a small town at this time of my life. My needs are few and I’m able to get to just about every place I need to go using the legs God gave me. Occasionally during my walking, I see another woman who lives in this town. I don’t really know her – we’re just nodding acquaintances. But, I see her a lot, because she walks, too. And, every time I see her she has a smile on her face and a kind word for me.

Last night at work, I was getting stressed out and upset over a few things going on in my life – letting my problems play front stage. I went outside on a break – we’re having a nice bit of weather. As I was standing outside smoking a cigarette, I listened to the “hustle and bustle” of this small town on a Saturday night – just watched the cars go by. Then, this woman who I don’t know entered my peripheral vision. She was walking to her home. My eyes fixated on her – because as she walked – she seemed to dance with the world around her. The sun was just setting – the arc of the sun was not visible – and she danced up the sidewalk with a golden backdrop in the sky beyond. I could not make out any of her features – she was just a black silhouette upon a golden expanse. And, I had a moment of clarity.

You see this woman wasn’t dancing – she was limping. She lives in a nearby assisted care facility. I gather the facility is not restrictive, because quite a few of the residents are free to come and go as they please – she’s one of them. She wasn’t actually limping – she just has a muscular condition that does not enable her to walk normally. And, the few times she has spoken to me, I’ve noticed that she has some speech difficulties.

But, at that moment for me she danced. My moment of clarity? I think she was placed in my view, at that time, to remind me that no matter what problems or “thorns” I may currently have in my life, there’s no reason why I can’t dance and be happy. Thank you, Lady Who Dances into the Golden Sunset.

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