Monday, April 2, 2012

Legend: By Irene Riot

  Legend: His Beautiful Smile 

The rays of the midmorning sun beat hard, the intensity of the heat like roaring laughter. The two walked side by side. With confident steps, Young Phoenix walked an awkward path.

Lord Fox floated like a kite in a breeze. His face beamed with an adoring glow. Lingering eyes longing; blind to all but the one who has captured his heart.

“Have you tread this path before?”

Discomfort that settles now spreads throughout Young Phoenix’s entire being. Does he not think I know my own land?! Does he think I just stay in the confines of my home?! Preposterous thoughts this Fox has! My sisters and I serve our community everyday! Even at rest, duty still binds us. How dare he think I am not in tune with my land and my peoples’ needs! Ignorant fool he is!

Face flushed with anger, Young Phoenix replies, “Lord Fox, I have traveled this path many times with my sisters”.

Words spoken with muted tones, almost like arrows with dull tips. For the love of my people, I must not upset the Fox. Duty must be served. Argh!

Smile. Heart beats fiercely forcing anger’s venom to spread quickly. Breathe. Let the cool wind enter and slow the flow of anger’s poison.

Her face glows with love’s rosy hue. How beautiful she is. Indeed I have been blessed by the heavens.

“There is a river I wanted to show you, Phoenix”

“The river? It is this way, Lord Fox”

“I discovered a path to a quiet little river. Please, follow me”

For the love of my people... Sigh. Smile. Young Phoenix follows the blind.

After several blind steps, “Lord Fox, I believe we are lost”

Lord Fox looks around. No river in sight.

“I believe you are right, Phoenix”. The Fox lord accepts defeat. “I truly am sorry. I just wanted to show you something nice. I do apologize”. Gaze full of shame.

“The river is this way, Lord Fox”. Smile. Laughter from both Young Phoenix and Lord Fox.

Lord Fox has a beautiful smile…

Legend: Her Face was Flushed

Young Phoenix led while the Fox lord followed. The river lay up ahead. Its waters sparkled. Rays of the sun danced upon its surface.

“The river was never hidden, Lord Fox” Young Phoenix said with a smile “Just like the truth, the river has always existed. You just allowed yourself to discover where it lies”

Smile. Heart beats fiercely but anger’s venom does not flow through her veins. Breathe. The cool wind enters enhancing the flow of harmony towards her heart.

Lord Fox leaned up against a tree. He closed his eyes and breathed in the vision of his surroundings, allowing this moment to be etched in his mind.

I have made such a fool of myself. Lord Fox thought to himself. If Young Phoenix never wishes to see me again, I will at least have this moment. I will imprint this moment in my mind forever.

His eyes remained closed. He inhaled as the wind blew in his face; dark hair brushed aside; a gentle smile spread across his lips.

Young Phoenix smiled as she looked upon his face. He has finely chiseled features. She thought as she examined his face for the first time. Firm jaw line. Perfectly formed lips. They were chapped. His cheek bones were high and dignified. His eyes, they opened and her eyes met his.

They were locked in a gaze. It lasted a split second but for the Fox lord, this was forever. In slow motion, he watched as her eyes blinked, her lids becoming heavy, lashes gently brushing the wind. They met the lower lid. Lids then became light again, opening, slowly. Lashes gently rising against the wind, like shades opening allowing the sun to be exposed. Her eyes looked away.

Her face was flushed.  

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