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Legend: A Story by Irene Riot

Legend: A Story by Irene Riot


Master Tortoise

The piercing gaze of the master. Skills unrivaled. Wisdom unmatched. Benevolence always shared. Many fighters have fallen under his guiding fists. Many rulers have been scolded by his counsel. Firm and and steady are his ways. Effective but harsh. The seeds he has planted have brought forth many powerful harvests, all of which have allowed him to reap glory. His name reigns supreme. He is the one to bring forth the new Legend, one that will take on his talents and bring them to greater glory...

Young Dragon

Impetuous youth. Bold. Brash. Daring. Intelligence acknowledged. Talent and skills flaunted. Young Dragon knows not of humility. Steps confident and steady. Aim always sure to hit its mark. Impatient. Impulsive. Not one for contemplation or meditation...

Young Phoenix

Talent unlimited yet unapplied. Intelligence vast yet unexplored. Mischievous. Cunning. Spirit wild and free yet easily tamed. Obedient. Naive. Her potentials can easily surpass that of her master if only she had the discipline, she would succeed...

On becoming the Legend

Two young potentials but only one can become the Legend. Intelligence and talent has been handed to both but what is the use if neither knows how to use the tools they have? 

One wise master, full of knowledge and skill both pupils desperately long to posses. The master will test both. His methods will be cruel and harsh. His counsel will be soothing. His wisdom will strengthen. In the end, only one will be victorious for there can only be one Legend...

Legend: House of Crane

Emperor and Empress Crane, beloved rulers of the land. In a castle filled with women who are beautiful, intelligent and extremely ambitious. With the exception of Young Phoenix who is the youngest most talented yet seemingly laziest one of the flock. Lady Eagle the eldest, wisest most sensible. Lady Swallow, the middle, joyous, intense and dependable. 

Emperor and Empress Crane. Wise and loving parents as they are rulers. Powerful and cunning yet still political and proper. 

Empress Crane, "Never start fights, my daughters, but always defend what you know to be true..."

Emperor Crane, "Seek not the truth, my children, the truth is not hidden or lost. It exists. Open your minds and prepare yourselves to accept the truth when it comes to you..."

Legend: House of Dragon

The General and Lady Dragon with Young Dragon as their only son. From a long line of powerful militants, political advisers, servants to the people. A long line of integrity and strong moral character. Trusted by the Royal family.

General Dragon. Strong. Inspiring. Pillar of strength and wisdom. Forever passing on his knowledge to his son, Young Dragon. The General is sure his son will be the one.

Lady Dragon. Enduring. Nurturing. Full of life, love and laughter. Forever healing his wounds, calming his fears, picking him up when he falls.

General Dragon, "Strive to make yourself better than what you are today. You will come closer to your full potential. Acknowledge your mistakes and correct them. That leads to improvement. No one is ever perfect but perfection should be our inspiration. What happens when one never acknowledges his mistakes and thinks he is perfect?"

Lady Dragon, "Do not pursue happiness. It does not run from you. Happiness exists... Enjoy it!"

 The family that rules together should stand as one

Steadily Lady Eagle soars through out the land, sisters follow behind, ready to serve her people. Duty calls, eagerly the Eagle responds. Responsibility leads, readily the Eagle follows. For the love of her people, for the glory of her family's reign, the Eagle will submit to her fate.

Lady Eagle, "Where is your Sister Phoenix?"

Lady Swallow, "I sent her off on an errand..."

Lady Eagle, "We all have a place in this earth. We all have roles to fulfill. Destiny cannot be escaped and responsibility should never be ignored. Your sister will some day hold the reigns of rule, it would be wise for her to start settling into her role now. Why delay what is meant to be?"

Lady Swallow, "Eagle is Eagle, Swallow is Swallow and Phoenix is a free spirit. You cannot expect a fish to fly or a bird to swim under water. We all have roles to fulfill, yes, but people will become the person they're destined to be. This process cannot be hindered or hastened. There is a reason a bird hatches from the egg and the tree sprouts from the seedling. Life is a process and the phases we pass make us what we are today and prepare us for what we cannot avoid"

In the distance, the Phoenix dances with Procrastination.

Legend: Quench his thirst with the river

General Dragon, "My son, I always tell you to strive to make yourself better than what you are today but your moves are no different than what they were yesterday. Your steps are familiar your strategy hasn't changed. One would only have to observe you in order to find out your deficiencies. If I was your opponent, you would be beat, if your enemy, you would be dead. Practice my son and you will be great"

Sulking in the corner, Young Dragon licks his wounds. 

Young Dragon, "His hunger can only be satisfied by the whole herd, a single cow is not enough. The next time he tells me he is thirsty, I will quench his thirst with the river. No matter what I do, he is never satisfied"

Lady Dragon, "Excellence and perfection are the standards to which your father was held so naturally he would expect the same from you. Your father only wants you to always do your best"

Young Dragon, "How would I know when I am doing well when he will never tell me? All he does is point out my mistakes"

Lady Dragon, "Come, I will make you dessert"

Lady to the General, "Why are you so hard on your son? He looks up to you and wants to be like you, would it be so wrong to give him even a little praise?"

General to his Lady, "Rest on his laurels, my son will become lazy and he will never grow. My son is not destined for mediocrity. My son is destined for greatness. I know in my heart that he is the one"


Legend: Sisters

The sisters prepare for their daily service to their people. Duty must be served then honor will be earned.

Lady Eagle, "Phoenix, come get ready. We are about to go. You cannot wear those rags. Wear the proper robes. Your character reflects that of our whole family. Make sure your image is pure and noble. Tarnish your name and the whole family will be shamed. Start a fight and our whole kingdom will be at war."

Young Phoenix, "Yes, Big Sister..."

Lady Eagle, "We come from a long line of women who are beautiful, intelligent and very strong. Let us reflect that in our service to our people. Give them inspiration. Give them hope. Let them know that not only can we protect them but we can provide for them as well."

Young Phoenix, "Yes, Big Sister...Look! A butterfly!"

Lady Swallow, "Sisters, how beautiful we all look! Such a beautiful day. Our people are waiting. Let us go"

Legend: Pleasantries

Lady Eagle, "Lady Dragon, always good to see you and Young Dragon. You are looking well. May we assist you with anything? I hope the General is well. Young Dragon is growing fast and maturing quickly. Soon, he will be in command along with his father. Next thing we know, he will be the one in charge."

Lady Dragon, "Lady Eagle! Lady Swallow! The women of the Crane family are beautiful, intelligent and extremely diligent. I hope your parents are well. Young Dragon is with me. I am fine, thank you. I hear Young Phoenix is doing well under the tutelage of Master Tortoise. Such a fine young aristocrat she is."

Young Phoenix, "Sisters! Lady Dragon! Young Dragon and I played catch the medallion and I won!"

Young Dragon, "Mother, It's time we go!"

"Good day, Lady and Young Dagon".

"Good day, Sisters Crane"

"Bye, Young Dragon! See you tomorrow! Heheheheeeee!"





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