Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Wedding That Was ~ By: Victoria Kingsbury

The Wedding That Was 

Lesley: Can you be my wedding preacher please? I know it is last minute, i'm so sorry... but the preacher couldn't make it and I don't who else to call and ask.

Don: Sure, i'll be glad to help you out.

Lesley: Oh thank you so much, and it’s such a quick wedding, so spontaneous, that I don't even have many guests, and since we are family, I was wondering if you could invite your family to my wedding, to help fill the seats? I'd like some more chairs filled there there are now.

Don: Of course, i'm sure they would love to watch a wedding.

Lesley: Thank you so much Don, your'e a true friend.

With the conversation over, Lesley and Don hung up there phones. Don was a great friend that was always there for Lesley and with her wedding she was to marry her man Greg in five hours. She was so nervous, this was such a spontaneous thing, she had only been planning it a month, since Greg and her were going to have a quick wedding. It was his idea, but she decided to go along with it, she just wanted to be with him.

Lesley and Greg met at a bar downtown, they were both drunk, Greg more drunk then Lesley... and they fell in love. They had slept together that night at Greg's apartment. It was a fast relationship... they hardly know about each other even though they speak a lot to each other and spend so much time together.

Later when it was 40 minutes until five, guests were seated in the main room for the wedding, including Greg and his family who arrived. Lesley was so glad that there were people at her wedding, but she was also so very nervous. And not just because she was about to get married... but because the groom was missing, he wasn't in the room waiting for her... Greg was nowhere to be found at the garden Lesley was having her wedding at.

Matt who was Don's friend started to joke around a little... and Lesley thought why not entertain the guests, so she let Don and Matt, and whoever was in the room invited, joke around and talk. Lesley even told some famous jokes of her own, and soon the whole room was laughing. It was a good time, but Lesley was so nervous about the groom, Greg still wasn't at the wedding. No calls from him either.

Lesley then spoke to everyone that if he doesn't show up in 25 minutes that the wedding was off. She knew very well that Greg knew what time the wedding was and where it was. Lesley also knew that she didn't know him that much, and started to think about what all she didn't know about him. She had noticed that he was in the corner of the bar in the stripper room getting a lap dance from some lady before he got drunk and was talking to her.

She wondered about this when she wasn't telling jokes the wedding guests. She then spoke to the guests that if he wasn't showing up that it would be a funeral instead, as she joked and yet was serious. She would be heartbroken.

Twenty five minutes later and Greg still wasn't at his wedding, and Lesley called off the wedding. Everyone stayed and comforted her, continuing making some jokes.  The wedding was canceled, and everyone soon heading back home.

When everyone left, and Lesley got home, she saw a voicemail on her home phone in her apartment. It was from Greg, he said that he was sorry but couldn't go through with being with her. Lesley fell to the floor sitting on it, still in her wedding gown, and she cried. Don was there with her when he heard the voicemail too, since he had driven Lesley home.

Don comforted Lesley, sitting beside her on the floor, and wiping her tears away softly from her cheeks. She looked up at him and realized how much of a gentleman Don was, and that he was always there for her. She had knew that he liked her some but in this moment, when Don kissed her cheek softly after wiping a tear away, Lesley kissed him softly on his lips. When she stopped she was about to speak when he kissed her, they kept kissing for a minute, when Don pulled away and spoke.

Don: Lesley... I'm sorry I let this happen to you, and I'm sorry this happened; you are too sweet for it. To sweet for him. Too sweet for me... but I would love to be sweet to you and let you be in my arms.

Lesley heard him, still tears forming in her eyes and slowly down her cheeks, as he looked at her concerned and heartfelt after he spoke. She nodded so softly, as another tear fell, and Don hugged her closely and kept her in his arms, comforting her. Lesley remained in his arms and fell asleep slowly as they leaned against the couch in her apartment living room.

Don whispered to Lesley "I'll keep you forever... I love you, and i'll be by your side Lesley. I have and always will look out for you." Lesley smiled softly hearing the words he was speaking softly to her... and soon she was asleep, dreaming in his arms. She was safe, with a true lover.

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