Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Struggle To Find Home By Victoria Kingsbury

Blurb: A walk down the street from the home Susie lives on leads into a nightmare she wishes she was able to find her way out of, when she finds home... and is rescued into love, will it be her home?

Struggle To Find Home

Susie decided to take a walk down the street she lives on... and so from her house she walked down the sidewalk path alongside the street and when she got to the corner at the end of her street she was already lost. It had turned into a different street, a different area, like she had walked a hole neighborhood, she saw many houses surrounding her, Susie didn't know what happened. Where to go? Where was her home? How long had she walked for, it had only been a near five minutes she was walking... but the distance made it seem like she had walked for hours. 

She looked around her... many streets curving into corners into another street and more houses, a clean neighborhood, no traffic, so quiet, swimming pools in back yards, and few people were out. Sunny clear skies as she looked up, and when she again looked around her she realized that the neighborhood she was now in was as endless as the skies, it was house after house like a army... straight alighned and trees clean trimmed arching over the streets. Red rooftops, brown rooftops. Lightblue trimmed doors with ornate, brown and red oak doors, and glass windows too with wooden trimmed frames. Red and white brick stacked chimneys for fireplaces to air conditioner heaters on the side of the homes near the fences that were white, and some brown. 

Susie thought to herself as she tried to look around herself to find a familiar path back to home, but she didn't know where she was. She turned around to look back behind her, as she stood on the same path she had walked down from her home... just to see that her home wasn't there at all, not even the same street. Susie was speechless and frightened, lost in a different place without a map or anyone for help, she had her cell phone on her, but it's charge was low battery, almost about to die, as she took it out of her pocket to look and placed it back into her back bocket with a worried sigh. 

She looked around frantic, trying to figure out what happened and where she was, and how to get back to her humble home. She was clueless, and frightened as the afternoon quickly turned dark before her eyes as she walked onward. She looked up at the sky and thought; that this couldn't be. 

Walking still, she comes to the next corner and she sees more homes, everything the same as it looked on the other street she had just walked down. She was lost... no map, no nothing for help. Everyone inside there homes now, but she came across a street where she saw a wooden fence and a wooden door open, with some back porch lights on, and a swimming pool filled with water that the lights looked onto. 

She opened her eyes more... exhausted, seems like its been all night when she could swear it was only twenty minutes. She was hoping someone was awake, and could help her. She peeked inside the wooden door in the fence and there was a guy and his dog he was playing fetch with quietly, as he sat against the fence in a chair and beside the pool.

She saw him as he looked up and was petting his dog by its ears. He spoke to Susie before she could say and ask him anything. "Your'e lost... you need to remember how you find your home usually. A main feature, street, or mark. That will help you."

Susie was so confused, that she could only wonder how this guy knew she was so lost. She tried to speak and he said "You will be alright. Trust me. Find that spot you remember, that is near your home, and you will find your home again... think, please think. So you may be home safe again. I know you feel exhausted."

She kept looking at him, listening to him, feelings so lost and confused, scared... and yet somehow calm, that someone was helping her, but confused how he knew, and that he was right; she was very tired, exhausted indeed. She looked down at her feet then slowly up, and to the dog whose sat nicely beside the man who sat in his chair. The nice man spoke again to Susie, "Be on your way now. You will be home shortly. I know you will be, you can find your way."

Susie just nodded and turned slowly, glancing at him and the dog again, then walked away from the fence to the concrete path again, walking straight along it she did. She thought of what the man said, as she dragged her feet, walking slowly and tired. She thought as hard as she could.

Then she remembered. She thought about the main street that connected to her street she lived on, where her home was. She thought about how her parents always drove down that one main street to turn on there street and arrived home. Then it hit her, she thought; she knew she needed to find the main street in the middle of all these homes and curving streets. She knew the street she was looking for didn't curve at all, it was completly straight. 

Susie walked now a bit faster, trying to avoid being tired, and trying to pick up her street as she glanced around; down each path and street she walked by. Soon she saw in the distance a huge home, and then another... packed in the middle of all the smaller homes she had been walking around for what seemed like forever. 

She walked towards them, just glancing at them and then she looked down the street and she saw a street that was straight... no curves at all. She had more hope, hopin' it was her street she knew, was the way back home.

Please let this be the street, she thought, as she about five blocks down this long street and then she saw the street. It was the one she knew; that would take her home, she turned left and walked down the sidewalk path alongside of it. And about three blocks down she started to see things that looked more familiar to her.

She smiled, and walked a little faster and soon she was at the corner of the street. She glanced down her street and she said softly "home" as she cried so softly. Then she looked across the street of hers and she saw a red car, and was curious as a guy stepped out who was her age.

She gasped with a smile and, the guy met her in the middle of the street as she ran to him and hugged him. He wrapped his arms around her, hugging her and not letting go of her as he heard her cry. 

Susie looked up at him, wondering how he was here, he was only someone he met online, and lived in a other country across seas. He walked her to the front hood of his car and sat her down on it. He held her hands and looked into her eyes and spoke, "I came to visit you... just you, my love."

He kissed her and then sat beside her on the hood as they looked up at the night sky with its stars, he spoke as he held out his hand to her and held her wrist out "I brought this for you. I love you so much my love." He placed a charm bracelet on her wrist and smiled as he saw her smile so softly. She spoke, "I love you so much too, my love, thank you."

Susie loved the gift. She cuddled close in his arms, soon she just fell asleep beside him, in his arms. Before she fell asleep, he whispered "It's always good to be home." She had nodded so softly, with her eyes closing slowly. She was home. He was home. This was there home.

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