Friday, April 6, 2012

Life Goals by Shawna Svacina

Imagine that instead of bones and blood and organs that our bodies are stuffed full of the things that compile us as people. I tried this today at work and I saw teachers pass me in the hall, their skin stretched tight over David Sedaris books, painful memories of dead relatives, the keys to a brand new Prius, dry erase markers and old gum.

If my skin contained behind it all of the things that make me a mom, daughter, girlfriend and general human, I'd imagine that I'd be stuffed to the brim with the following:

Dirty diapers, Bic pens, an iPhone, an unopened bottle of Windex, eleven different colors of nail polish and some cotton balls for good measure, a pair of paint covered jeans, some cutesy love notes, lunch pails, bookmarks, a TV Guide, a block of cheese, a 2 pound box of family sized bacon, a pack of Marlboro Smooths, virtual encouragement, a Mother's criticism and disappointment, empty promises and a couple of empty Pabst Blue Ribbon cans.

I think it may be time to scribble down and then accomplish some life goals for myself.

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