Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Never Again Repeated Itself By Martin Kalahari Lochner

This other day I saw a solitary child,
Dirty, patched upped but smiling,
I thought to myself ' why will a 4 year Kid play alone in a park crowded with pimps and junkies,
A launch pad, a landing zone of those
Selling or using the flesh for cash or stash,
I brought my little one here to show her where her daddy once played and that scruffy kid closed in, Singing and making wheel carts like a Circus monkey but these animals were
Kept in cages,fed and trained with treats,
Or was he a mountain baboon playing cute when the weekend affluent had picnics on the pass, Damn, not even close,baboons were wild,had instincts and lived on Gods automation to survive, Teeth,claws and thick hides to win food battles,
The kid got too close, touched the squeaky cleanness of her pinkness He got her by the hand and wanted to play see-saw when I told him straight " Get away from my child you little vermin"
The little boys face changed,
Lines running like cable cords that wants to strangle...
" Fuck you " he shouted and flicked a knife as he ran away.
I shuddered and recall my own performances once and looked back to Her that was confused.

 Decent World
By: Martin Lochner

ISBN: 1-4691-9357-4 (Trade Paperback 6x9)

ISBN13: 978-1-4691-9357-1 (Trade Paperback 6x9)

Author Biography

Decent World is a collection of tough poems. Each bleeding comes from a heart desperate to name the truth of my life, revealing that in their very telling has set me on a journey at once, terrible and fine. I might even venture, redemptive. For within these words is a searching, relentless but pure, to find healing, not only for me, but for all whose throats have been cut, by others as well as by themselves. A journey at last become whole for all of us. This is a book of truth that has come to this writer through no easy or virtuous paths, it is presented to you as such, and does so unashamed and without any apologies. This is our journey, so join me.

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