Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Remembering by Demetra Fisher

I can’t believe it has been more than twenty years. Over time, so much has transpired, it seems as though I should have forgotten everything by now. But I know that will never happen. Some things you simply cannot forget.

Like how good it feels to buy your first set of wheels. When you learn to swim or dance or master a new trick in gymnastics class. Or win an award for an achievement you’veworked hard for. Graduate from college… land the perfect job, etc. Those are shining
moments, for sure.

But for me, those pale in comparison to this very first time.

He had a fire in him that was so intoxicating. I knew immediately that we were going to be fantastic together. He was twenty-one at the time, although, I knew that he had been schooled and I felt it with every move of his well-proportioned body.

When I first sat astride him, I was taken to a place I had never been before or likely have been since. From the very first moment, we seemed to be a perfect fit. It was effortless. As though, we had been together forever… moving as one.

But, I’m getting ahead of myself.

We had meandered down the trail that leads to the river. Being outside only added to our heightened expectations. It seemed fitting that our first journey would take us to a place
as magical as the moments themselves.

We started out slowly, although it didn’t take long for us to find that we were well suited to each other, in every way. His spirit and enthusiasm spurred mine, and he was as alert
to my nuances as I was to his.

The pressure of my limbs against his strong, hard body told him all he needed to know. His responses were immediate, without hesitation. Once, when I turned my head to look up at the sky, he stopped briefly, out of curiosity, wanting only to know why I had
deferred from our perfect rhythm, which was natural and easy.

It was exciting. And beautiful. I had never felt my senses so filled up… my being so alive and free. His every motion matched mine, instantly, and mine to his. We were both teacher and student to one another’s efforts. The beauty of the day, with its crisp, clean
air and hint of the morning dew still glistening on the ground only added to the bliss I felt. I was elevated to a higher state of being on that perfect day, and I would be forever changed by the experience.

When we arrived back at the barn, I knew that this time would live in my memory for the rest of my life.

Years later, when he passed before he turned 30, I mourned him alongside all the others
  who had also had the privilege of being with him, stride for stride, experiencing all that he had to give.

His name was Dreams and I loved him with all my heart.

He was the very first horse I ever rode and he taught me all the skills I needed to know
  about how to be a good rider and how to love the total experience of being one, in perfect
union and harmony.

And I will always remember him for giving me that very special gift.

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