Monday, May 7, 2012

The Moon's Story by Irene Riot

The Moon's Story

The lonely moon casts its shadow across the water, creating a beacon of light that shines for me. The stars have yet to come out to play. What is it, Moon? Is there something you have to say? I walk along the shore. It's a beautiful night, the waves are playing with my toes. The moon singles me out. The moon wants to talk to me. Here's how the moon's story goes...
"High in the sky, I shine for all lovers to see. I've heard them pledge their love, I've heard them curse at me. I've heard the passionate cries, I've heard the loving sighs, I even heard promises filled with lies. In your heart, I can hear your pain. Desperately you long to love again.
Be careful where you look. You heart is such an open book. You think you hide your sorrow and pain. Well my child, guess again. This is why I'm talking to you. I want you to have a love that's true. Patiently you must wait, for the one who will be your life long mate. Thieves may come and try to steal your heart away. Allowing this to happen will just lead to dismay.

Wait for the one who has honor in his intention. This one you should give your full attention. Wait for the man who can love you so, the one who can hold you and never let go. The one who can hold your heart in his hands, and never try to drop you because your pain he understands..."

I Answer the Moon (The Moon's Story part 2)

Respectfully, I say to thee, yes, I long for the one who can truly love me. The thieves you talk about hover and behave with so much false clout. Me, they want to know. They sing, they dance, they put on a show. It is all just a fog. Deep inside, I know they are all no better than a... straw dog.
I let myself get distracted. If I'm busy, my heart won't get impacted. I know I would just set myself up for a fall if I insist on doing it all. But Life leaves me very little choices. Alone I go on and satisfy the demanding voices; of the ones who put me in my position, I know I am here of my own decision. Although I live, I have loved and I have lost. The success I have came at great cost.
I am still waiting, I am hoping to find, a heart so true from one who can be so kind. I want a man I can crown as my king for I will be his loving queen. Him I will serve, my love I hope he will deserve. I will bow and revere if his heart is truly sincere. He will be my life, my love my everything. He will be the song my voice will sing. I will place my heart in his hands. All that I ask is by my side, please come stand...
I've made mistakes and I know I must still learn. I know, the love of my king, I must also earn. Is there a man I can trust to be my guide? Is there a man who can show me life's lighter side? Is there a man who can put up with me? A man who knows how to rule but still allow me to be free? These questions I have, I ask you dear Moon. The answers, I know, won't be coming anytime soon...

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