Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Morning After, an except from Some Other Time, a novel by Demetra Fisher

He awoke to the sound of her breathing as she lay beside him which only served to bring back memories of the night before when their lovemaking had been both passionate and sweet. Turning his head in her direction, he looked at her face. In that instant, he
knew that he would like nothing better than to continue seeing that image before him every morning from then on. Her lips were curved up, even as she slept soundly, and her nostrils flared now and then as soft snoring emanated from her. He couldn’t help
but smile in response. Rather than be put off by this obvious display of imperfection, he was delighted by it. The fact that she had flaws made her that much more real to him and so therefore, more attainable. She was a goddess for sure, but one that he felt certain he could make his own, especially after what they had shared the previous night.

The intensity of their desire for one another had been evident long before their first
pairing and as the night had progressed into dawn, it had not waned. Never before had he felt such a need to drown himself in a woman. To his surprise, he’d not ceased in his need to thrust deeper and deeper still inside her, never finding it to be quite enough. And even as he had continued to bring her to completion over and over, it still persisted. His desire to take her had never ceased. This amazed him, as he had not experienced this
before with any woman.

And he had had plenty. His many encounters with women of all types had taught him
  that he had no difficulty in attracting a bedmate. Even the most reluctant had let down their defenses and succumb to his persistence. He was an ardent and relentless lover, and none had ever come away from the experience of being with him unsatisfied. Yes, he was that good.

But, her. He had not ever felt such a demand within himself to completely satiate
  any woman before. His need to be everything to her was so great that he was a little overwhelmed by it. He knew they were a good match. Their ability to meld, sharing similar opinions and ideas had been evident from the beginning. And because of this, he felt that their union would be a success. But, the intensity of his fervor and his need to possess her fully were different from anything he had ever experienced before. He
wanted her to be his and his alone, completely, and with no chance of any other ever coming between them.

She stirred and he turned on his side to watch her more closely. As he looked over her
  nude body splayed in blissful sleep, he could see her chest continue to move up and down with her breathing, and his hands ached to cup her breasts which were now in full
display. She was a feast for his hungry eyes and he drank her image in with full gratitude.
Unable to hold back any longer, he reached out toward one of her soft peaks, filled with the desire to tease her nipple into tender hardness once more.

At his touch, her eyes opened and upon seeing him, her smile deepened.

Yes, this was certain to be a fine morning indeed.

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