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Sleeping With the Enemy By Irene Riot

Sleeping With the Enemy

You kiss me so tender. You hold me close like you will never let me go. You whisper your undying love for me. Sinking in your arms, lost in your embrace, it feels like forever, this will be my place.

I hear the pounding of your heart, each beat carries my name. I follow every breath you take, the breeze blows gently to my soul. I feel the heat of your skin, the fires are fueled by your passion.

You are my friend, my lover, my husband. You are everything to me. You are my world, my universe, the air I breathe. I am your wife, your mistress, your ally in battle. Together we represent an unstoppable force.

Our lives are young. The world is at our feet. There are kingdoms to conquer, leaders in need. Together we will fight, together our kingdom will grow. Together, my husband, seeds of victory will be sown.

This is where my story begins. It's hard to believe during this moment I am actually sleeping with the enemy.

"I am the best.." Sleeping With the Enemy Act 2

Together we walk. Side by side in battle. Future rulers. Together, we are an unstoppable force. My Husband, how much I love you. My Husband, I would do anything for you. Lead the way, I will follow. Tell me to jump, I will rise higher than the sky. Your love has been planted deep in my heart, it fills my soul and completes my very being.

My Wife, you are the apple of my eyes. My Wife, because of you, it is me other men despise. I love to hold you in the middle of the night, feel your softness, make you scream and cry. I will touch your body, I will make it respond. I will call and to me your body will come. I love to feel you tremble, I love it when you resist. You moan out loudly, I will quiet you with my kiss.

My Husband, the world is ours to gain. Together we will conquer, everyone will know our names. Your brilliance hardly goes unnoticed, your intelligence will always shine, I cannot believe, My Husband, you are truly mine! 

No need to worry, My Wife. No need to stress. For both of us, I know what is best. You walk on higher ground but my steps are more confident and sure. You are an officer while I, a mere soldier. I fight hard just like the rest but you cannot deny, I am the best.

"I can make it without her..." Sleeping With the Enemy Act 3

My Wife mingles among royalty. That place should be reserved for me. My Wife has beauty, My Wife has grace, that is why I chose her in the first place. She does have talent but not as good as mine. I am one she cannot outshine.

My Husband struggles through the ranks. With all your talent, My Love, why play those pranks? I mingle among the royalty and I hear what they say. When ever I praise you, I receive dismay. Let your talent shine, allow yourself to grow. The royalty have been around, they can teach what you want to know...

My Wife, why do you talk like that? You don't believe in me and constantly try to put me down. You rank higher than me but I am not a clown. I will show everyone that I don't mess around. My voice is strong my steps are sure. You are the only one who finds what I do obscure!

My Husband, I love you with all my heart, body and soul. I am only sharing what I think you should know. In order become royalty you must be able to play their game. You must understand that you must also clear your name. Your reputation proceeds you, they know you are brash but they also respect me as your better half.

Is My Wife trying to say she's better than me? Yes, the royalty respect her but they also must respect me. I fight hard while she puts little effort. Without her does she think my chances will be hurt? I can rise up above, I don't need her advice. I can make it without her, no need to think twice.

"I Love You but I'm not in Love With You" Sleeping With the Enemy Act 4

Why, My Love? Why are you asking me to leave? We made a promise to be together forever, this I cannot believe. Are you sad? What can I do to make you happy? Are you angry? What did I do wrong? Tell me, how can I fix it? Tell me, My Love, tell me now, don't let this linger for long.

My Wife, I love you but I am not in love with you. We are growing apart. Every day I grow stronger but you make me lag behind. Understand, My Wife, I am being kind. There is nothing you can do. Nothing you say will make my mind sway. You need to be out. There is no doubt, even though we are married, we are not meant to be.

My Husband, My Love, please don't say that! I love you, I cannot change how I feel. You are my everything, my life, my soul, my reason for living. My Love, was I not forgiving? Did I blame you for my short comings? If so, I'm sorry. Please, My Love, please, let me stay. Please, My Love, please, don't make me go away.

My Wife, don't make this hard for me. I love you but I am not in love with you. I love you, I love you, I don't want to see you cry. I love you, I love you, we still have to say our good byes. Come lay with me, I will fill you with passion. I will still hold you and show you compassion. No other man will love you the way that I love you. Come lay with me, I will force your body to move. I will press my lips against your skin, I will invoke the pleasure within. I will make you scream, I will make you cry. For now, no sadness no goodbye. Right now, you I will satisfy.

"This still is my place..." Sleeping With the Enemy Act 5

I'm floating in your arms. I land in your bed. I touch you and hold you as if it was our first time to make love. You kiss me so passionately, I can't tell what is real. After those hurtful words, your kisses do heal. Caught up in the moment, lost in the embrace, My Husband, this still is my place.

With the strength of my arms, I carry you away. Ever so softly, I lay you down. I know I just hurt you, I know I just crushed your soul. I cannot bear to see you cry but still we have to say good bye. I will still be here for you, I don't want to see you fall. My Wife, understand, after this we have to end it all.

My Husband, you fill me with passion. I know it comes from the love in your heart. Kiss me, love me, don't ever let me go. Our marriage may soon be over but our love will still grow. Our union will become stronger, this, I know. Kiss me. Love me. Make me scream and moan. Touch me. Hold me. I am yours alone.

My Wife, I will please thee then you must release me. After I make love to you, I will let you go. Lay with me tonight but leave before the sun starts to glow. Touching your body still makes my blood rush. Pressing against your skin. Invading the softness within. I release the anger I have in my soul.

Laying in The Wolf's Den: Sleeping With the Enemy Act 6

Laying in The Wolf's den, I feel safe and secure. Holding me in his arms, I lose myself in his embrace. The tears I cried The Wolf has kissed away. The pain in my heart, The Wolf has chased away. Our marriage will soon be over, at least that's what he says. He says I must go but why is he pulling me back? 

The silhouette of your body breaks the continuity of darkness. I watch your naked body move with every breath you take. The rise and dips of your curves. The smoothness of your skin. It all still stirs my passion within. I hate to see you cry. My Lady, I know without me you will die.

Back to back. My soul is still reaching out to you. Together we lay in the silence surrounding The Wolf's den. Looking out of the window, darkness seems to lighten. The sun is about to come up. Pressing my bare beasts against your back, hoping to weaken your soul. I'm hoping The Wolf won't make me go.

Lady General: Sleeping With the Enemy Act 7

I have been summoned to the royal court. My steps are slow but sure. Confidence echoes with every click of my heels. The Royals summon me to be Lady General in their army. Gladly I accept. This secret will not be kept. I will share my good news with the one I love.

I am now a member of the royal court. I am the leader of my own army. I meet with the other generals. They are older, wiser and all male. Lady General is how I am addressed. The other generals, they put me to the test. I stand my ground. I dig in my heels. I have to show them my skin doesn't easily peel. I have to make my reputation known. I will let them know my skills have grown.

They throw their punches. I stumble but I quickly recover. I may lose a step but I am never off balance. Alliances I make. Success is for me to take. I scratch. I claw. I hit and I kick. I stand and deliver. My training and experience, they do not consider. A child they think I am. Excuse me, but Lady General is who I am.

The Wolf lurks around in the corners. Still a soldier in training, popularity he is now gaining. Responsibility is given to him. Still, I am higher than him. Boldly he walks and gives out orders. Lovingly I look over his shoulders. I stand behind him. I want him to shine, even though his talents aren't as good as mine.

The Wolf: Sleeping With the Enemy Act 8

The Wolf is asked to help rule the land. Together with the generals, My Wolf does stand. My Wolf seems happy, he is still my man. Be careful, My Love, remember your place. These generals I work with will save their face. Be careful, My Love, please listen to me. These generals here aren't what they seem.

My Lady, I can take care of myself. Don't you worry now, it's not good for your health. Those generals you work with all believe in me. Of all people, my talents, I believe you don't see. You're now a general but remember, me you don't rule. I am my own boss and no one's fool. 

My Love, I doubt you not. The generals I work with, I trust not. You are bold and you are brash, with them you might clash. You are brilliant, you are resilient, you are rising fast. Listen to the generals, do as they say. Don't ripple the waters, don't launch an attack. These generals are ruthless, they care not for you. These cold hearted leaders can dispose of you, too.

Once again, My Lady, you put me down. Just because you're higher, you think I'm your clown. This is why we can't be together. Will your belittling go on forever? My Lady, if you truly love me, you would show your support and never challenge me. 

My Love, you are my everything, my heart and my soul. I love you so much, don't you know? I want to make you happy. Tell me how. Whisper in my ear and I will perfom for you now. I will lick you and love you, I will suck you dry. I will make you moan, I will make you cry..

"She ought to know..." Sleeping With the Enemy Act 9

Back in the Wolf's den we start some action. Trying to keep burning the flames of passion. Baby, let me do you tonight. Baby, you know I can do you right. Honey, you know I can ride your tide. Honey, you know, I'll be your baby for longer than tonight.

My soft curves rubbing against his tense skin. Drops of passion form within, quenching his thirst, putting out his fire. All this is aimed at maintaining his desire. No other woman will give you bliss. No, Baby, no other woman will put it down like this. I will lick you and love you right down to your core. Baby, go ahead, scream for more. I am no tease. You I will always please... Love me, Baby...

My Lady, you move with softness and grace. My Lady, I love the way you taste. On the tip of my lips, to the top of my tongue, My Lady, My Baby, I won't stop til I'm done. My Lady, My Baby, you want me, of course. My Lady, My Baby, do you want to use force? Moan, cry, scream for more. My Lady, My Baby, tonight, you are my whore!

The night runs long. Morning comes quickly. Laying in bed, thoughts run in our heads:

Morning is coming. My Lady must go. This won't last long, she ought to know...

Morning is coming. The Wolf is still asleep. I wonder, his heart, can I still keep?

Darkness is lighter. The sun will shine brighter. I will go now, My Love, my heart grows tighter...

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