Saturday, June 9, 2012

Dinalaw By Irene Riot



"Omigawsh, Marese! you're going to marry Nic!"

"Na-uh! I'm going to marry a guy named Nic but it isn't that Nic"

"Ask how many kids you and Nic are going to have! You guys will have such cute babies!"

The glass circled across the ouigee board, spelling out the answers to their future.

Text ring. "SWEETY, IT'S LIKE REALLY LATE". It was Marese's mother wondering if she needed to take her child home.



12:30am. Footsteps pound on the porch. Tess could hear the muffled goodbyes from inside. "Gosh, they're so freakin' dramatic," Tess thought to herself.

Marese burst in. "Hey, hey, Momma!" Plopping herself on the couch, kicking off her boots, Marese turned on the TV. Another one of her reality shows. "So, how was your day? Facebooking again? You should go out more."

"Good, no and what I do with my time ain't none of your business"

Mother and daughter smiled at each other. Packing up her laptop, "I'm going to my room. I can't write here".

"Sorry, Mommy. Can we have breakfast together before you go to work tomorrow?"

"Sure. Make sure you take everything to your room later. Please don't fall asleep in the living room with the TV on. Then I can't sleep"


"Don't use that tone with me!"

"Sorry. Goodnight!"

Sarcastic bitch. She's becoming so much like her mother!

Tess settled herself into bed. Marese retired to her own room as well. Quiet. 1am-ish. It wasn't long before Tess drifted off to sleep.

"Welcome to Progressive! We are so proud you decided to join us! We are so proud! We are so proud! We are so proud of you!"

Tess found herself in the commercial she had seen on TV only this time the Progressive lady was Asian with black hair, China white skin and strawberry red lips. There were rows and rows of "policies” to choose from. It was bright in this dream but things started to darken as she walked down one of the rows.

Ending up in her room, asleep yet Tess was completely aware of her surroundings. Eyes closed yet she could see everything in her room. The jeans she wore the other day, her heels and purses scattered. There was a tapping on her window. Floating towards the window, the blinds opened themselves. There was a man outside. He was smiling.

“Oh, shit!” Tess didn’t have a hard time snapping out of this dream. Applying more oil to her forehead, Tess went back to sleep, clutching her talisman.

“…..and the ouigee board said I was going to marry some guy named Nicolas and were are going to have two kids. Mommy, if I brought a boyfriend home, would you make fun of him?”

“Sure thing, Sweety. I’d laugh in his ugly face and call him stupid”

“Mom! But what if I brought home the perfect guy?”

“Sweety, you could bring home Jesus and tell me he’s going to marry you. He still wouldn’t be good enough. It’s a parent thing.”

“So you guys played ouigee?” The hairs on Tess’ skin stood. No playing ouigee in the house or else the spirit you call will remain.

“We played at Michaela’s house” Marese reasoned out.

Tess was convinced a spirit followed Marese home. “I had this really weird dream but never mind. Are you ready to order?”

“What time to you have to be at the hospital, Mommy?”

“Don’t worry, Sweety. Things are light today. Let me just answer this page”.

“Wendy is a 23 year old female with no prior psychiatric history admitted on a temporary detention order due to acute onset of psychosis. Patient is not able to offer any coherent information but family notice she has been increasingly paranoid, talking to people who are not there. Parents say patient has been using K2 and bath salts” the report read.

Diagnosis: Young, dumb and stupid.

Mouth open, blank stare, Wendy sat in front of Tess. Wendy mumbled incoherently as her gaze was fixed on a spot behind Tess.

“Ok, I’ll tell her” Wendy said.

“Excuse me?”

“He said he is proud of you. He came to visit you last night”


“El Pedeo”

“I’m sorry?”

“Tay-tay, he said to for me to tell you that Tay-tay is proud of you”

Oh! Tatay! Elpidio! It was the American twang that threw Tess off. Elpidio was the name of her grandfather. As a child, she called him Tatay. Tatay meant father. He was her mother’s father.

Ringing the nurse’ station, “Can I have someone come help Wendy to her room?”

“He also said not to worry about your mom. She is fine. She loves you and misses you very much.”

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