Monday, June 4, 2012

One Spear By Jacob Martinez

One Spear
By Jacob Martinez

35,000 years ago b.c. I sat in the rain. I slept under a rock. I stayed in one spot. The others would come and go. I never moved from my spot. No one bothered me. I sat for days, never moving anywhere. The Mattata and the Ugh, Ugh, lived up on the cliff. I sat with the others and with our spears. The team below would come and go. The wooly mammoth provided us with directions to find food. We lived in trees and swung from ropes patrolling the sky, from bird. We spoke with oos and ahs.

One Spear decided to walk. He walked and walked and walked. He came to after 3 men robbed him cold on the glacier he was skating on. Three Orbs stole his money, some green stuff in his pocket, and two teeth he pulled out of his jaw during a routine cleaning at the lions den.

Along the way to Stonerville. One Spear decided to trash his looks. Only froth was what he brought to the party of 5. Chancellor Stoner presided over the town of Stonerville and quickly drank from the froth One Spear brought with him from the mountainous region called the yelps. "He is a distinguished character smelling the flower I placed on his ear." "Way to go", shouted Chancellor Stoner. One Spear grabbed a pipe and began to blow through the rocket he shaped with his hammer.

Man from Jungle

One Spear was eating a banana and defrosted his soup the day a check came and petted him on the back of his head. He looked around and a guerrilla snuggled up and gave One Spear a quiver and a jolt. The sky was clear and it had just finished raining when a flock of birds crash landed on his tree he was making into a cabin. The light was red when he came to a spot on the map that turned gray and finished the bottle of rum his mother gave him before he left to find his mate Two Packs his mother said before he left to get his friend back from the miserable camp he was living and sleeping with.

Estudio 925 -- Steele Media Research -- Jacob Martinez -- 2012 -- Phoenix, AZ

Angry Cat
By Jacob Martinez

One Spear as a child in a fit hurled his cat he named Simon, up against the wall. He did this to teach his friends the meaning of child labor practice which the sermon on the mount delivered to his stable. He was spanked twenty times for marking his name twenty times on his door. The back side of his head was bushy and the front part was straight. He liked going on trips overseas. His name was captain and everybody loved him. Millions flocked to his new home. He always answered with no body. The size of his garage lifted tons of steel and he made furniture out of twigs when he came back from the ocean vessel he sailed on and meant nothing when his torpedo breached on oncoming traffic.

Waterhole... One Spear was thirsty. He found himself standing near the ocean stream pushing up along the coast. He stumbled on an abandoned ship rusting on the shore. He looked thoroughly through the compartments of the vessel. The ship had been wrecked from a Sunami that reached the Americas from Japan. He listened to the sounds the wind hummed through portals throughout the ship. In amazement he stood atop the deck and looked out the scope in the direction of where the sun was to set.

One Spear drives up in a classic Monte Carlo his parents left before they left the ridge. Part way he sent figures to his uncle in Italy praying it would be summer in Nova Scotia. He dreamed he could fly till tomorrow hoping not to get stuck on the stack of bills he had to pay. According to statistics he was doing the right thing. He traveled in neat places to see the light his father left him. It was to dark to see the deer in the headlights so he wrecked the plant and came right back home to settle the score.

Cupcake enters the store. Frenchfry stands at the register with a blank expression on her face. One Spear in a frenzy opens a bottle of skim milk and begins drinking from a plastic cup. Frenchfry eyes the customer and calls security. The general manager walks up to One Spear and hog ties him to a chair. Cupcake shouts at the store manager to dissolve of this fleece he wears around his chest and arms. Frenchfry takes her camera out and produces a portrait of One Spear speaking to the authorities about the rest of the milk he stole from the market. He stuns the group and makes off with Cupcake. He talked his way out of his criminal mind and the authorities gave One Spear a chance at his freedom. Cupcake diligently waves her hand to the crowd she sees.

Cupcake is eating bugs from the dirt. She watches One Spear take a shower in the lake. She hands him a towel and dries off. As she gathered the bugs together she made a small bonfire to cook the bugs she collected from the day's journey. She looked up to One Spear and pulled out a handkerchief she embroidered. "Hey, this is perfect for your after dinner cleaning." One Spear dried his hands with the handkerchief and gave it back to Cupcake. "Cupcake what are these initials on the chief." Cupcake smiled and gave One Spear another sandwich of bugs to eat.

One Spear took one step forward with Cupcake. The ground started to shake. The sky turned dark. One Spear and Cupcake began running toward the forest up ahead. They ran far enough to escape the ground that almost swallowed them up. They stopped to rest and catch their breath. "Cupcake are you sure we are going in the right direction?" One Spear asked. "Yes, I do believe this is the way, One Spear." Cupcake replies. "We do things differently." "Oh."
"When we jumped over the log to get to this side, we yelled out our names." "Why?" "Because we were told to protect each other by the owl that watched over us last night." "Up ahead we are going to face other obstacles." "Does our name have magical power?" "Yes, and you will learn how to use it."

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