Monday, June 4, 2012

A few points from a wise ass by Martin Lochner

1 .Do not explain the esoteric workings of the universe .I cannot see how you will succeed.
2 Do not accept the esoteric theories of others. You are setting yourself up to be disappointed
3 Because of theories we lose direct transmission of reality and the communion with that reality others call esoteric.
4 Be silent with all your sense on high alert.
5 Take all of life’s experiences into your being and do not create a comfort zone, nor must you run away.
6 The result will startle you, discovering how vulnerable and insignificant you are.
7Feeling every stab and perfume of genuine joy, the sun, moon is yours without any screen distorting your vision.
8 Express yourself without tedious cliché and still you will feel the contradiction between yourself and your work of creative expression.
9 But that tension may combust in its own transcendence and secure your immortality.
10 Ignore point1 -9.

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