Friday, May 25, 2012

You are my weakness

I keep saying I will be glad when this is over. It has to end. We both know that. We are so hot for each other, but we know it is not a good thing.
We argued the other day. It seemed over. I was sort of glad about that. Instead of ending it, it just ended on its own. That seemed to be it. I knew I could not just end it. It has to somehow end on its own. That just seemed to happen. I thought it was finally over. But it wasn't. I was foolish to think it could just go away like that. It won't.
We both were glad in some ways that it was over. It has worn us down. We fight so we can break up. But then we make up. We don't want to make up, but we have to. We are not ready to let go. I don't think we will ever be ready to let go. Will We?
 Finally. It was over. It seemed over. But it wasn't over. It is never going to be over,  is it?
No, it isn't. We have a magnetic pull to each other. That is never going to end. Sure, we might drift apart. We might break apart. We are likely to find another. In that way, it will be over. Is over. But it's not, is it?
No, it's not. A part of me and a part of you will always be locked together. You want me to be inside you, and I want to be there. That is never going away. We have invaded each others bodies, both metaphorically and realistically. Both physically and spiritually.
You think about me all the time and I think about you all the time. Like a virus, we are embedded within each other for eternity now. Whatever happens, we can't be removed from each others minds.
You are my weakness. I know that. I am your weakness. You know that. We both know that. We accept that.

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